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I cannot say enough good things about GabTalk’s Posting Parties that can help you and your organization boost awareness of your offerings while gaining both visibility and goodwill, not to mention more business while reaching more of your current and potential audience. It worked for me and it can work for you!

dr. scott dell

CEO & Co-Founder,

Author of "Your COMPLETE Guide to SUCCEDING with LinkedIn"

I want to let you know about posting parties! If you have not been to one yet, you should definitely consider coming because they are amazing. I have gotten so many views and connections and my algorithms have gone up and it’s just been a game changer for me.

denise vargas

Owner, live creatively

Helping Women Redesign Their Lives & Dream Big Again
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I went from getting hundreds of views on a post to getting thousands, tens of thousands of views just by going to posting parties. I want to give a shout out to Gabriella at GabTalks. If you’re looking for a way to boost your posts, I would highly suggest that you get on board with GabTalks and her posting parties.

eric erickson

Owner, Business Attitudes

Helping Businesses Utilize Existing Resources to Make More Money

As a result of going to Gab’s events, my posts are getting anywhere from 300 to 500 views, almost 10 times the number of views and engagement from people in my network who just haven’t been seeing my posts otherwise […] Going to the events has helped me open up the lines of communication with my ideal clients, and I attribute two of my most recent clients who came to me ready to buy because of the content that I was sharing and because they actually saw it in their feed for once.

bradley ball

Owner, Ready, Set, Go Marketing Strategy & Coaching

Business Improvement & Growth Strategist.
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I had no coherent strategy. I was not getting anywhere, and after attending these engagement parties over the past month and a half, I have now repeatable strategies and steps. I have best practices in making my posts algorithmically improved, and what that has done for me is opened the floodgates. I have been notified by LinkedIn more than once that my posts have been in the top 1% of posts.

eric corrington

Financial Representative, Mass Mutual

I help you get excited about your financial future!

People in my space rank on the average of 46%.  My current Social Index is 69 out of 100 people in my space […] remember that Gab’s Social Engagement Parties is an excellent tool for improving your scores in LinkedIn. Thank you, Gabriella, much appreciated.

ximena velasquez

CEO & Founder, Energy MDT

What Could You Improve In Your Life Today That Would Make You Jump Out Of Bed Everyday?
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I highly recommend it. We all get together, and we share each of these links and we comment on each of these posts, and it’s kind of one stop shopping and you’re done with your social media for the day. Pretty cool stuff.

Mary scott

Consultant, Speaker, and Coach,

I use improv to help you improve your busienss.

I recommend to everyone who is looking to improve the visibility on LinkedIn or Facebook to engage in these parties specifically in Social Media Engagement Parties. With Gabriella, I cannot say thank you enough.

anna tuchin

Owner, The Trusted Bookkeeper

Helping entrepreneurs understand their finances brings me joy!
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At Gab’s events i learned best practices that have really helped me to be successful in providing value to my audience and in extending my reach by hundreds and more and it’s an enjoyable way to get your posts out there increase your social media reach and meet other wonderful business owners.

Gloria Russell

Owner, Russell Resources

Let your website message ring true for the people who need you.

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