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Meet Our Sponsor: Brenda Sheldrake

brenda's upcoming event dates

12pm pst | 2pm cst | 3pm est

Mon, July 16

Fri, July 23

Fri, July 30

Fri, August 06

Brenda Sheldrake

Founder & Owner
Linking with Heart
Selling on the Spot, Licensee

Brenda Sheldrake Headshot
Linking with Heart Image
Selling On The Spot

Brenda Marie Sheldrake is a contributing author of the Best Selling book, “Your 1 Habit to Thrive in a Post Covid World”.  In her chapter, she shares the importance of creating connections. Brenda’s love for helping people and her passion for creating connections inspired her to start her company “Linking with Heart”. As a licensee with Selling on the Spot Marketplace, she hosts online events for entrepreneurs ready to learn and practice new skills. Her approach leads to closed sales and generating money on the spot. 

Brenda’s experiences have motivated her to share with other entrepreneurs how she has generated income through connections and is now offering an 8-week course she calls,  “Lead Generation in the 21st Century”. Her course will show you a simple system to convert strangers into friends and generate qualified leads, close more sales, and generate more money on the spot. If you are tired of wasting time on meetings that do not convert into sales, then this is the course for you. To receive a FREE tip sheet on lead generation, connect with Brenda.