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eric erickson

Eric Erickson Headshot

Eric Erickson

Owner & CEO 
Business Attitudes

Business Attitudes

Eric Erickson loves working with businesses and helping them grow. Around 1993 or 1994, he discovered he had a talent for seeing processes and systems. He found out that he was good at helping businesses come up with a plan to success. Today, he works with small businesses and fortune 500 companies in the areas of business growth, marketing and training and development. He has been fortunate to build several seven-figure businesses as well as helped many companies increase profitability by as much as 20%. He has been able to help individuals monetize their ideas. On occasion he gets asked why he loves what he does and how he does it. He thinks the simplicity is he has been able to achieve the success he has had because he understands people and what it takes to motivate, change behaviors, make commitments, and instill confidence. It does help that he is a “process junky” and understands the value of planning, executing and evaluating. Want to see if he is qualified to help you? Contact him for a free 37 minute consultation.

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