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Meet Our Sponsor: Jaclyn Wagner

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Wed, July 21

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Jaclyn Wagner

Founder, Entrepreneur, Author, & CEO
The Reconnect Method 

Jaclyn Wagner Headshot

Jaclyn M. Wagner is an author, transformational speaker, life & business coach, and creator of The Reconnect Method™

As an educator, trainer, and child advocate as well as board certified specialist, Jaclyn now works with entrepreneurial minded parents to break patterns and cycles holding them back.
While passionate about helping as many people as possible, most recently, Jaclyn is showing parents how to break down what’s going on beneath the surface of their child’s behavior — the unspoken side of their child’s behavior — using the triggers the parents feel as a means to propel ALL areas of their life forward.
Jaclyn uses The Reconnect Method™.to show parents how to uncover their own unique manual for parenting and how this manual will pave the way for their future by going within and reconnecting with yself. If you or someone you know is feeling frustrated, constantly finding themselves reacting out from a loss of patience or just annoyed with where they are in their life, then let’s chat! Those who work with children such as child therapist, pediatric doctor, school administrators, etc. are ideal referrals for Jaclyn.