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Meet Our Sponsors

Mike Weiner

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mike weiner

Founder & CEO
Network Referral Group, LLC (NRG)

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Mike Weiner brings selling professionals and business owners together.

Since 2001, Network Referral Group, LLC (NRG) has been the premier networking organization that brings selling professionals and business owners together. NRG started in the Washington, D.C. metro area, but thanks to Zoom, we have expanded to over 350 members, meeting in 40 locations in 23 states, and 4 countries, with more states, and countries coming soon! Each group meets weekly on Zoom.

NRG is a full-service networking organization, not just a leads group. In addition to the weekly meetings, we offer business training and sales expertise through our member newsletter, a bimonthly Mastermind group, bimonthly educational workshops, and quarterly Networking Extravaganzas.

Mike's upcoming event dates

4pm pst | 6pm cst | 7pm est

Mon, Sept 13

Mon, Sept 20

Mon, Sept 27

Mon, Oct 04