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Summer Diya Selva

Brenda Diya Selva Headshot

Summer Diya Selva

Digital Marketer

Founder & Creator
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Summer Diya Selva is a digital marketing expert and has also been a business success coach since 2013. She has a Masters Degree in Business Administration and her background education is in Naturopathy, Holistic Nutrition and Yogic Sciences.

She loves bringing people together into classes and workshops, masterminds, networking meetings or summits. So, also being an Instagram expert, she was a perfect fit to co-host this posting party.

Summer has created and conducted numerous digital courses and workshops in the fields of personal development, social media, email marketing, business and sales strategy and communication skills. She looks forward to sharing love of building meaningful and effective content with everyone and help spread your content wide.

Summer has recently created and launched a very unique and cost effective one on one coaching program designed for entrepreneurs, whatever phase of business they are in to develop their skillsets that helps them level up on their business and become the best version of themselves.

summer's upcoming event dates

9am pst | 11am cst | 12pm est

thur, sept 09

thur, sept 16

thur, sept 23

thur, sept 30